[pdf] Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf Download | Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form

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Aadhar card is a unique identification card having a unique id number issued by IUDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). Every Indian citizen must have an Aadhar card. I will show you how you can download Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf to new enrolment. this is also the Aadhaar Update form and you can use it to change your address in your aadhar card.

Adhar card is mandatory by the Indian Government for many purposes. It is an id card can be used as id and address proof in many government and private departments.

Process of making an aadhar card is very simple. For making a new aadhar card it called aadhar enrollment. For a new birth baby, you can make it by visiting aadhar enrollment center and you can show a birth certificate to enroll for a new aadhar card.

Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf Download Certificate for Aadhaar Enrolment Update Form pdf

Aadhar gazetted form pdf Download

When a girl shifts to another place after marriage then she has no proof of that address. So to change the address of a married girl you have to show some proof like a marriage certificate, passport, etc.

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But suppose if you don’t have any proof then you can use aadhar card gazetted form. you can show the aadhar gazetted form signed by a gazetted officer mentioned in that list. You can download this form and after filling in each detail you have to attest it by any gazetted officer as per the list and you can show it as a valid document for aadhar address change.

Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf Download
Aadhar Gazette form preview

We will provide aadhar gazetted form pdf download 2021 link where you can download it directly and use it to change address and update mobile number as well as biometric data in your aadhar card.

Click here to download Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf

You can also apply Aadhar card correction form online and upload this aadhar gazetted officer form as address proof. This form is also Aadhar Card Enrollment Form in Aadhaar Gazetted Officer Format.

Certificate for aadhaar enrolment/update form pdf download 2021 new

When you use Aadhar gazetted form, gazetted officer certifies that he know the person very well residing at that place. This becomes the certificate for new enrolment and update of aadhar card.

This is the certificate for aadhaar enrolment/update annexure 1 pdf form. This is nothing but the aadhar card application form attested by the gazetted officer as per the aadhar norms. This certificate can be used to make any correction to your aadhar card.

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Certificate for aadhaar enrolment/update filled form pdf

The pdf file also consists of a filled demo form. You can fill this form step by step as shown in the form. Below is the preview of the filled aadhaar enrolment/update form.

Certificate for aadhaar enrolment update form pdf 2021
Filled form preview


Click here to download Certificate for Aadhaar enrolment/update form pdf 2021

Aadhar Gazetted Form Fill up 

Gazetted officer letterhead format for aadhar card pdf

For new enrolment and update in your aadhar card earlier you could use the Aadhar card address change letter format any gazetted officer. It was acceptable but now there is a new aadhaar update form in proper format issued by IUDAI.

Aadhaar correction form gazetted officer format is the new format which you can use now. You cannot use another format because IUDAI rejects it. You can only use the prescribed aadhar card gazetted form. You can download it from above provided link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gazetted officer List for Aadhar Card

  • Gazetted Officer – Group A
  • Village Panchayat Head or Mukhiya
  • Gazetted Officer – Group B
  • MP/ MLA/ MLC/ Muncipal Councilor
  • Tehsildar
  • Head of Recognized Educational Institution
  • Superintendent/ Warden/ Matron/ Head of Institution
    of Recognized shelter homes/ Orphanages
  • EPFO Officer

Gazetted officer Group A list for Aadhar card

  • All India services though posted to states.
  • Promotes from states to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner and above.
  • Police officers (Circle Inspector and above).
  • Additional District Civil surgeons.
  • Executive Engineers and above.
  • District Medical Officer and above.
  • Lt. Col and above.
  • Principals of Government Colleges and above.
  • Readers and above of Universities.
  • Patent Examiner etc.
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Gazetted officer Group B list for Aadhar card

  • Section Officer.
  • BDO(Block Development Officer).
  • Tahsildar.
  • Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals.
  • Assistant Executive Engineer.
  • Lectures in Government colleges.
  • Headmaster of Government high schools.
  • 2nd Lieutenant to Major.
  • Magistrate

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I hope I helped you find the Aadhar Gazetted Form pdf new 2021 and provided the link to download it. Share it with your friends and family who need it. Also comments below your feedback and suggestions.

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