Punjab Static GK One Liner Part -4 | Most Important Questions frequently asked in Punjab Govt Exam

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The most important static Gk questions of Punjab. Part-4


579. Banda Singh Bahadur took the revenge from Navab of Sirhind, Wazir Khan who

Ans- Bricked alive the 2 youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh

580. Name the Mughal ruler who executed Banda Singh Bahadur

Ans- Farruksiyyar

581. Sikh coins were first minted by

Ans- Banda Singh Bahadur

582. The 1st one who establish Sikh rule in Punjab was

Ans- Baba Badda Singh Bahadur in 1710

583. Banda Singh Bahadur was born on Oct 27th, 1670 at Rajauri, Dist Poonchh (J &

K). What was his childhood Name?

Ans- Lachman Dev

584. Father of Banda Singh Bahadur belonged to Dogra caste of the Rajputs. What was

his name?

Ans- Ram Dev

585. After becoming Bairagi Sadhu, which name was adopted by Lachhman Dev?

Ans- Madho Das

586. Madho Das was given the name of Banda Singh Bahadur by Shri Guru Gobind

Singh in 1708. Na me the place where both of them met.

Ans- At Nanded Sahib(District Nanded, Maharashtra )

587. Banda Singh Bahadur attacked Chapparchiri, Sirhind on May 22, 1710. Name the

Faujdar of sirhind who was

Ans- Wazir Khan

588. Muklispur (In Bilaspur, H.P.) was made the capital of the first Sikhs state under

Banda Singh Bahadur from 1710 to 1715. He named it as?

Ans- Lohghar

589. Last battle fought by Banda was Battle of Gurdas Nangal (District Gurdaspur) in

1715. Name Chief Commander of Mughals who defeated Banda.

Ans- Abdus Samad Khan

590. What was the name of the only son of Banda Singh Bahadur who was martyred by

the Mughal rule?

Ans- S. Ajai Singh

591. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was martyred on June 19, 1716. Name the place where

he was executed?

Ans- Delhi

592. Name the Mughal Emperor who ordered the execution of Shri Baba Banda Singh

Bahadur and his son.

Ans- Farrukh Siyar

593. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur issued new coins in the name of Nanak Shahi and

Gobind Shahi. Name the language inscribed on these coins

Ans- Persian

594. Bandri Khalsa and Tat Khalsa were the two sects of the Sikhs that came into

existence after the death of ?

Ans- Shri Banda Singh Bahadur

595. Bandri Khalsa believed in the principles of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur wheareas

Tat Khalsa believed in the principles of?

Ans- Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

596. Name the Head Granthi of Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar who resolved the

differences between the two sects of Sikhs in 1721.

Ans- Bhai Mani Singh Ji

597. Battle of Chapar Chiri was fought in May 1710 between

Ans- Banda Singh Bahadur and Wazir Khan (Governor of Sirhind)

598. Who won Battle of Chappar Chiri?

Ans- Banda Singh Bahadur

599. What was common among Abdus Samad khan, Zakariya khan, Yahiya Khan and

Mir Mannu- Four Governors of Punjab during 1716-1752?

Ans- They all persecuted the sikhs

600. Zakariya khan was the son of Abdus Samad Khan and was appointed in 1726 by

the Mughal Emperor Roshan Akhtar on which post?

Ans- Governor of Lahore

601. Those followers who believed in the Khalsa Panth but could not embrace Sikhism

openly due to State Terror were called as?

Ans- Sahajdhari Sikhs

602. Name the ruler of Iran who invaded India in 1739 and caused anarchy to spread in


Ans- Nadir Shah

603. Prestige of Mughals suffered a setback due to invasion of Nadir Shah. This proved

out as a Golden Chance for the Sikhs. How?

Ans- Sikhs consolidated their power in Punjab

604. Haqiqat Rai was executed in 1742 AD because he had said some objectionable

words against.

Ans- Bibi Fatime [Prophet Mohammad’s daughter]

605. First or Small Holocaust [Chhota Ghallughara] took place in May 1746 in which

7000 Sikhs were killed. Name the place where it took place.

Ans- Kahnuwan [District Gurdaspur]

606. Who were the two Mughal officers responsible for the murder of the Sikhs In First


Ans- Yahiya Khan and Lakhpat Rai

607. Mir Mannu, son of Qamru-ud-Din, the Wazir of Dehli, was the last Mughal

Governor of Punjab who oppressed against the Sikhs. Why?

Ans- Dur to increasing influence of Sikhs in Punjab

608. Multani Begum became the Subedar of Punjab in 1753 after the death of her

husband. Name her husband

Ans- Mir Mannu

610. Name the place where-Buddha dal and Tarun Dal, The two dals of the Sikhs were

created in 1734?

Ans- Amritsar

611. Buddha Dal included those Sikhs who were above 40 years of age. Who was the

head of this Dal?

Ans- Nawab Kapoor Singh

612. Taruna Dal included the young Sikhs who used to fight battle with the enemies.

Who was the head of this Dal?

Ans- Nawab Kapoor Singh

613. Dal khalsa – the military organization of the Sikhs-was established on March 29,

1748 at Amritsar by whom?

Ans- Nawab Kapoor Singh

614. Dal Khalsa had jathas like Ahluwalia jatha, Sukarchakia Jatha and Ramgarhia

Jatha under it. How many total Jathas Dal Khalsa consisted of?

Ans- Twelve

615. Guerilla Warfare(Hit of Run) was the mode of fighting of Dal Khalsa, Who was

the first commander of Dal Khalsa?

Ans- S. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

616. Sr. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia was conferred upon him the title of ?

Ans- Sultan-ul-quam

617. What was the name given to the gathering of all the Sikhs in Sikhism held on the

eve of Baisakhi and Diwali at Akal Takht Sahib, Amritsar ?

Ans- Sarbat Khalsa

618. Nawab Kapur Singh conferred the title of “Sultan-ul-quam” on

Ans- Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

619. Dal Khalsa was divided into

Ans- Budda Dal and Taran Dal


620. How many Angs (pages) are there in Guru Granth Sahib?

Ans- 1430

621. Guru Granth Sahib was installed in 1604 at Amritsar with the first Granthi as

Ans- Baba Budda

622. Guru Granth Sahib was earlier known as _______

Ans- Pothi Sahib and Adi Granth

623. For the first time, Guru Granth Sahib was compiled by Guru Arjun Dev Ji and

was written by_________

Ans- Bhai Gurdas ji

624. Guru Granth Sahib for the 2nd time was complied by Guru Gobind Singh ji (by

including the work of 9th Guru) and was written by

Ans- Bhai Mani Singh

625. Adi Granth contains the work of______

Ans- 1st Five Guru

626. Guru Granth Sahib includes the work of ___________

Ans- First Five Guru and 9th Guru

627. Guru Granth Sahib comprises of

Ans- 1430 pages and 5894 hymns

628. How many Ragas are there in Guru Granth Sahib?

Ans- 31


629. Who was the last Ruler of Sikh empire?

Ans- Duleep Singh

630. After which treaty Maharaja Raja Duleep Singh surrendered “Kohinoor

diamond” to Queen?

Ans- Treaty of Lahore 1849

631. The sole court in Punjab province during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s period was

Ans- Sadder Adulate Court (in Lahore )

632. Takhat Sri Patna Sahib & Takht Sri Hazur Sahib were built by

Ans- Maharaja Ranjit Singh

633. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born in Sandawalia Clan and belonged to

________________ Misl.

Ans- Sukerchakia Misl

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634. Who was the founder of Sukerchakia Misl?

Ans- Charat Singh

635. Maharaja Ranjit Singh acquired Kohinoor diamond from

Ans- Shah Suja of Afghanistan

636. Maharaja Ranjit Singh got victory over Lahore on

Ans- 7th July, 1799

637. Name the exiled son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Ans- Maharaja Daleep Singh

638. The river of Treaty between English and Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1809 was


Ans- Satluj

639. Name the Sikhs Emperor known as ‘Sher-e- Punjab?

Ans- Maharaja Ranjit Singh

640. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is in

Ans- Amritsar

641. Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked Malwa in 1806 for the first time. What was the

reason of this attack?

Ans- It was the tusle between the rulars of Patiala and Nabha over ‘Doladhi’ village

642. Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked Malwa in 1807 for the second time. Why?

Ans- He attacked Malwa at the invitation of Rani Ass Kaur of Patiala

643. Name the famous Army Generals of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Ans- Hari Singh Nalwa and Akali Phaula Singh

644. What was the position of Malwa with Treaty of Amritsar, 1809 by which

Maharaja Ranjit Singh accepted Sutluj as Eastern boundary of his Empire?

Ans- It came under Britishers’ control and Ranjit Singh could not capture / retain it.

645. Suchet Singh was one of the three Dogra brothers (Besides Dhayn Singh and

Gulab singh ) who were totally controlling administration of which rurler?

Ans- Kharak Singh (Eldest son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh)

646. What discord was created by the British with Lahore Darbar when Suchet Singh

was killed in 1844 in Firozpur (Then under British territory?)

Ans- Suchet Singh (issueless) had left behind Rs. 15 lakh there. That sum was disputed

647. What was the immediate objective of this Tripartite treaty?

Ans- To make Shah Shuja the ruler of Afghanistan

648. Who was the ruler Afghanistan at the time of signing of this Tripartite treaty?

Ans- The ruler of Barkzai Dynasty Dost Mohammad Khan

649. Batai System continued under Maharaja Ranjit Singh up to 1823. What was this

system and why was it abolished?

Ans- Land revenue was fixed after harvesting of crops. It was costly and thus a bolished

650. Four types of Jagirs were prevalent during the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,

Name them.

Ans- Service Jagirs, Inam Jagirs, Dharmarth Jagirs and Watan Jagirs

651. Name the Finance Minister under Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Ans- Diwan Bhawani Das

652. On June 26, 1838 “Tripartite treaty” was signed. Who were the three parties to it?

Ans- Ranjit Singh, the English and Shah Shuja- ex- ruler Afghanistan.

653. Name the Prime Minister under Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Ans- Raja Dhyan Singh

654. Of these Jagirs, the Service jagirs were considered to be the most significant

although Maharaja Ranjit Singh could confiscate them. What were these Jagirs?

Ans- These Jagir were given to the Army and Civil Officials instead of cash payments.

655. Dharmarth jagirs were given to the religious institutions and holy persons. Why?

Ans- To encourage them to propagate religion. These were on permanent basis

656. What were the jagirs on hereditary basis during Ranjit Singh ‘s rule?

Ans- Watan Jagir- Maharaja used to give to Jagirdars in their village.

657. Duties of Jagirdars during Ranjit Singh’s regime were to collect taxrs, to decided

cases of people living in their Jagirs and?

Ans- To command small military campaigns- which was given only to brave Jagirdars?

658. Merits of Jagirdari System were that the state became free from the burden of

collecting revenue and proved

Ans- A large reserve force for Maharaja was prepared by the Jagirdars

659. What were the social demerits of jagirdari system?

Ans. Farmers were exploited by collecting maximum land revenue.Jagirdars lead a
luxurious life at state’s cost

660. What was the demerit of jagirdari system from militarily point of view?

Ans. Soldiers under each jagirdar did not undergo the same kind of training. There was

lack of unity among them

661.Syed Ahmed led Jihad (Religious war) against Ranjit Singh. Who was he?

Ans. He was Caliph of the Muslims

662. Diwan moolraj was appointed the nazim [Governor] of Multan in 1844 but he

rebelled against the Britishers in April 1848.Why?

Ans .The Britishers had falsely accused him of killing two British officers

663. Why the English did not suppress the revolt of Diwan Moolraj and why they

wanted it to spread to other places of Punjab?

Ans. So that they get an opportunity to annex Punjab to their British empire

664. For how long did Maharaja Dalip Singh rule over Punjab?

Ans. September 15, 1843 to March 29, 1849

665. Name the widow of Ranjit Singh who was also mother of maharaja Dalip Singh

Ans. Maharani Jindan

666. What treatment was given by the British to maharani Jindan before her death in

England in 1863?

Ans. She was first exiled to Banaras and later sent to England

667. When and where did Dalip Singh die?

Ans. On october22, 1893 in Paris

668. Since Ranjit Singh took special care of his subjects that is why he was nicknamed


Ans. Paras

669. What did Ranjit Singh call himself?

Ans. Kookar [Dog] of Sikhism

670. Name two prominent scholars in the court of Ranjit Singh

Ans. Sohan lal suri and Diwan Amar Nath

671. What was common among general Ventura, General Court, General Allard and col

Gardener under Ranjit Singh’s rule?

Ans. These four were European Officers appoinated to impart training to his army.

672. Who was the commander of Dal Khalsa?

Ans. Sarder Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

673. Treaty of Amritsar was signed in year 1809 between

Ans. Maharaja Ranjit Singh & Charles T. Metcalfe


674. Independent Sikh administrative regions formed by Sikh warlords were called

Ans. Misis (total misis were 12)

673. Battle of Kahnuwan was fought between

Ans. Sikhs and Yahya Khan

674. Who was the first non-congress chief minister of Punjab?

Ans. Gian Singh Rarewala

675. Who was the first Akali chief minister of Punjab?

Ans. Justice Gurnam Singh

675. Who was the first chief minister of Punjab?

Ans. Gopi Chand Bhargava

676. Who was the first female chief minister of Punjab?

Ans. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal

677. Who was the first governor of Punjab?

Ans. Chandu Lal Trivedi

678. Who is the chief commissioner of gurdwara election commission

Ans. H.S Brar

679. In which Indian state, president’s rule was imposed for the longest duration of five


Ans. Punjab

680. How many times president’s rule or state emergency has been imposed in


Ans. 8 Times

681. Governor of which state act as administrator of Chandigarh as well?

Ans. Punjab

682. The Punjab gram panchayat act was passed in?

Ans. 1952

683. In which Congress session, complete independence (poorana swaraj) was made

the aim?

Ans. Lahore Session (1929)

684. The only state in the country where every village and urban slum areas have mahila

swasthya sang

Ans. Punjab

685. How many divisions are there in Punjab?

Ans. 5

686. The five divisions of Punjab are

Ans. Firozpur division, Faridkot division, Patiala division, Jalandhar and Roper division

687. Who was the first CM after the linguistic reorganization of Punjab?

Ans. Giani Gurmakh Singh Musafir

688. Who was the first speaker of Punjab legislative assembly?

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Ans. S Kapur Singh

689. Oldest British district of Punjab?

Ans. Ferozpur

690. Ferozpur is also known as?

Ans. Shaheedon ki dharti

691. Fazilka has been carved out of

Ans. Ferozpur

692. ————is the only district in country , one part of which (phagwara) lies in the

centre of another district(Jalandhar)

Ans. Kapurthala

693. Only tehsil in Punjab which doesn’t have urban population

Ans. Khadur sahib



694. Name the place known as “Steel town of Punjab”?

Ans. Mandi Gobindgarh

695. Where is the police training academy situated in Punjab?

Ans. Phillaur

696. Largest city of Punjab is

Ans. Ludhiana

697. Atari border is situated in————-district?

Ans. Amritsar

698. Which city has a great strategic significance for being India’s only land link to


Ans. Pathankot

699. City nicknamed ‘city of lakes’?

Ans. Bathinda

700. Rup nagar has been named after……..

Ans. Rup chand (son of raja rokeshar who ruled here during 11th century)

701. Which historically place is popularly known as UCHA PIND?

Ans. Sangol

702. Name the city Founded at time of lodhi dynasty?

Ans. Ludhiana

703. Business capital of Punjab is

Ans. Ludhiana

704. City known as ‘Merc City’?

Ans. Ludhiana

705. Which set of princely states are termed as Phulkian states?

Ans. Patiala, Jind, Nabha

706. Headquarters of Punjab police is at?

Ans. Chandigarh

709. Talwandi sabo is other name for?

Ans. Damdama Sahib

710. Bathinda was earlier known by the name

Ans. Tabarhindh

711. “Tabarhindh” means?

Ans. Gateway to India

712. Makhowal is other name for?

Ans. Anandpur Sahib

713. Ludhiana was originally known as


714. The “Guru ka Bagh” is situated in?

Ans. Amritsar

715. Name of the city also known as Ramdaspur?

Ans. Amritsar

716. City known as “California of Punjab”?

Ans. Abohar

717. Khidrana is the other name of?

Ans. Muktsar

718. Keshgarh sahib takht of Sikhs is located at?

Ans. Anandpur Sahib

719. Where is the Pushpa Gujral science city in Punjab?

Ans. Kapurthala

720. Jalandhar falls in which region?

Ans. Doaba

721. The largest military cantonment in Asia is found at?

Ans. Bathinda

722. Sports city of India is?

Ans. Jalandhar

723. Oldest city of Punjab is?

Ans. Jalandhar

724. Place called “city of bliss”?

Ans. Anandpur Sahib

725. What is the new name of Ropar?

Ans. Roop Nagar

726. What is the present name of Mohali?

Ans. S.A.S Nagar

727. Which city of Punjab has been made ‘white city’?

Ans. Anandpur Sahib

728. Another name of Jalandhar is——————-as it was watered by 3 rivers Sutlej,

Ravi and Beas?

Ans. Trigarrta

729. Dinanagar town in gurdaspur was in news due to a terrorist attack, historical

importance of this city is because of being————?

Ans. Erstwhile Capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh


730. Some of the important plays written by Gursharan Singh are?

Ans. Dhamak Nagare di, Band Kamare, Chadni chowk to Sirhind teek, Baba bolda hai

731. Who was the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at Asian games?

Ans. Kamaljeet Sandhu Koner

732. Who was the first Asian to be elected as chairman of common wealth

parliamentary Executive forum?

Ans. Balram Jakhar

733. Who is known as Punjab’s “Bearded Mother Teresa”?

Ans. Bhagat Puran Singh

734. Who is known as “Flying Sikh”?

Ans. Milkha Singh

735. Name the folk singer who is popularly known as “Nightingale of Punjab”?

Ans. Surinder Kaur

736. Name the freedom fighter known as “Punjab Kesri” and “Lion of Punjab”?

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

737. “Unhappy India” was book written by?

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

738. “The Punjab” was written by

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

739. Newspaper ‘The Punjabee’was started by

Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai


740. Name the largest railway junction in Asia?

Ans. Bathinda

741. “PANJAAB” is the name

Ans. Bus route connecting Amritsar to Nankana sahib

742. “DOSTI” is the name given to

Ans. Bus route connecting Amritsar to Lahore

743. Who founded the daily “The Tribune”

Ans. S. Dayal Singh

744. Who was the founder of newspaper ‘Punjab Kesri’?

Ans. Lala Jagat Narian

745. Raja sansi international airport(Amritsar) has been recently named as

Ans. Shri guru ram dass jee International airport

746. All Indian radio stations are located in……………

Ans. Chandigarh and Jalandhar

747. In Punjab the %age of Sikh is 63% whereas the %age of jains is

Ans. 0.16 %( Muslim 2%, Christians 1.2%)

748. Phagwara Tehsil is non-contiguous pocket of which district of Punjab?

Ans. Kapurthala


749. Festival celebrated to commemorate the velour of 40 muktas

Ans. Mela Maghi

750. S. Sobha Singh’s master art piece is————–

Ans. Sohni Mahiwal

751. Ghorian are sung at bridegroom’s place whereas———are sung at bride’s


Ans. Suhaag

752. ————-is a dance performed to celebrate the victory

Ans. Luddi

753. Who is also known as tooti-e-hind

Ans. Shah Attaullah bukhari

754. What is “Kissa”?

Ans. It is a Punjabi language oral story-telling tradition

755. What is Luddi?

Ans. It is a Punjabi men’s dance during the time of victory, over saving the women folk

held capative in the middle east, it was prominent in areas near Sutlej in Pakistan

756. Punjab Qissa, Sohni Mahiwal is the creation of

Ans. Fazal shah

757. Holla mohalla is celebrated at

Ans. Anandpur and Kiratpur sahib

758. Festival Holla Mohalla lasts for

Ans. 3 days

759. Which place in Punjab hosts village olympks?

Ans. Killa Raipur

760. Fair of haider sheikh is held at

Ans. Malerkotala, for four days every year

761. Roshni fair or fair of lights is held at

Ans. Jagroan

762. Where is rauza Sharif urs celebrated every year?

Ans. At rauza Sharif, Fatehgarh sahib

763. Prof. Mohan Singh memorial international cultural Mela is held at

Ans. Ludhiana

764. Name the fair held to worship guga pir, who is believed to protect people from


Ans. Fair of chappar

765. Fair of chappar lasts for one day is held in

Ans. Ludhiana

766. Harballah Sangeet sammelan is held annually held in

Ans. Jalandhar

767. The fair of baba sodal is held in

Ans. Jalandhar

768. Name the place in Punjab which organized kisan Mela every year

Ans. Punjab Agriculture university Ludhiana

769. What is “Parvesh”

Ans. Primary Vidya Sudhar project, to improve the quality of education in Punjab

770. Bhai Jaitra ji scheme

Ans. Launched to provide free text books to students up to 8th standard in govt. schools

771. Mai bhago Vidya scheme

Ans. Launched by state govt. free bicycle are provided to girl students studying in 11th

and 12th standard to encourage the for further studies

772. Mission Inderdhnush

Ans. Launched in Punjab govt. to get 90%of the infants in the state covered under the

complete immunization programme by 2020

773. Medicity is developed at

Ans. near Mullanpur in mohali

774. Bhagat Puran Singh bima Yojana

Ans. To provide cashless medical treatment through smart cards to blue card holder and bpl familie

797. Pong dam is built on————river?

Ans. Beas

798. Sewing machines are manufactured in

Ans. Ludhiana

799. Where is the largest bicycle manufacturer ‘Hero cycles’ based in Punjab?

Ans. Ludhiana

800. Where is guru Nanak thermal plant situated?

Ans. Bathinda

801. When was Bhakra nangal project started?


802. Where are steel rolling factories located in Punjab?

Ans. Mandi Gobindgarh

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803. Where is railway coach factory in Punjab?

Ans. Kapurthala

804. Thein dam is built on river

Ans. Ravi

805. When was Punjab state Industrial Corporation established?


806. In which city sports gods are manufactured?

Ans. Jalandhar

807. Where is J.C.T cloth mill?

Ans. Phagwara

808. Highest gravity dam in world is

Ans. Bhakra Nangal dam

809. Name the corporations curved out of erstwhile PSEB


810. Pandoh dam and pong river is on river

Ans. Beas

811. On which river bhakra nangal dam is built?

Ans. Sutlej

812. Name the reservoir of bhakra nangal dam?

Ans. Gobind Sagar

813. In 1961,NESTLE opened its first milk plant in Punjab, Which is the largest in
Punjab at

Ans. Moga

814. Ropar thermal plant is situated on bank of river

Ans. Ravi

815. Number of sugar mills in the cooperative sector in Punjab

Ans. 15

816. Name the two thermal plants in Bathinda

Ans. Guru Nanak dev thermal plant and Guru Hargobind thermal plant

817. National fertilizer limited is located at

Ans. Nangal and Bathinda

818. Guru Gobind is refinery is at

Ans. Bathinda

819. ————–is the world’s biggest producer of leather tool pouches and aprons

Ans. Jalandhar

820. Bhakra Nangal holds———–largest reservoir

Ans. Second

821. Largest reservoir of India is that of

Ans. Indira Sagar dam

822. Bhakra nangal is Asia’s ———–Highest dam

Ans. Second

823. Ranjit Sagar dam built on river ravi is also called

Ans. Thein dam

824. Which city of Punjab has started a heritage walk to promote tourism?

Ans. Amritsar

825. Where was the country’s first solar power plant commissioned?

Ans. Anandpur Sahib

826. PSIDC (Punjab state industrial development corporation ltd.)

Ans. Punjab govt. undertaking engaged in promotion of large and medium scale

industries and helps in attracting considerable investments in the state

827. INFOTECH(Punjab information and communication technology corporation


Ans. Nodal agency of govt of Punjab for the promotion of electronic/IT industry in the state

828. PSIEC(Punjab small industries and export corporation limited)

Ans. Nodal agency for promotion of exports and nominated agency for implementation of

central govt. scheme known as ASIDE

829. PBIP(Punjab Bureau for investment promotion)

Ans. Nodal Agency to provide time bound clearance of all new investment in the state

830. Integrated mixed use industrial park is being developed at

Ans. Kapurthala

831. Mixed land use industrial park is being developed at

Ans. Rajpura


832. Shah di var has been written by

Ans. Najabat

833. Sassi Punnu is a Qissa written by

Ans. Hashim Shah

834. Who was the first Punjabi novelist to get jnanpith award?

Ans. Gurdial Singh

835. ‘Mari da diva’ was literally work of

Ans. Gurdial Singh

836. Book ‘Train of Pakistan’ has been written by

Ans. Khushwant Singh

837. Who is known as john Keats of Punjabi poetry

Ans. Shiv Kumar Batalvi

838. Who was the youngest recipient sahiyta akademi award?

Ans. Shiv Kumar Batalvi

839. Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s main work writing work was

Ans. Loaona

840. “Pavitra pappi” and “Chitta Lahoo” were written by

Ans. Nanak Singh

841. Who was written the book ‘Naked triangle’?

Ans. Balwant gargi

842. Who wrote the famous book ‘the history of Sikhs’?

Ans. Khushwant Singh

843. The author of Arthshashtra was

Ans. Kautilya

844. Which Punjabi writer of known as “Baba Bohar of Punjabi literature”?

Ans. Sant Singh Sekhon

845. The poetry of which Sufi saint is included in guru granth sahib?

Ans. Sheikh Farid

846. “Pinjar” is a novel written by

Ans. Amrita Pritam

847. Other work of amrita pritam are

Ans. Kagaj Te kanvas & rasidi ticket

848. First woman to win sahiyta akademi award was

Ans. Amrita Pritam

849. “Ajj akhan waris shah nu” is a poem written by

Ans. Amrita Pritam

850. S is considered to be a successor of which language?

Ans. Sauraseni Prakrit

851. Which famous Punjabi writer was awarded ‘Punjab sahit rattan by the govt. of


Ans. Kartar Singh duggal

852. Poetic narration of heer ranjha, named ‘HEER’ has been written by

Ans. Damodar das gupta

853. Heer ranjha was written by

Ans. Waris shah

854. “Jangnama”(the eyewitness account of the 1st anglo Sikhs was) was written by

Ans. Shah Mohammad

855. The book ‘Bullet for bullet’ was written by

Ans. Julio ribiero

856. ‘Shakespear’ of Punjab’

Ans. Waris Shah

857. ‘Great grandmother of Punjabi theatre’

Ans. Nora Richards

858. Who is acknowledged as the creator of modern Punjabi literature

Ans. Bhai vir singh

859. Father of Punjabi drama

Ans .Ishwar chander nanda


860. Punjab population constitute ———-of total Indian population


861. According to census 2011,Female literacy rate in Punjab stands at

Ans. 73.04%

862. Two district of Punjab in which have shown a stable or decline in sex ratio in

census 2011?

Ans. Mansa and Bathinda

863. District of Punjab in which sex ratio was same as was in 2001 census

Ans. Mansa

864. District of Punjab having lowest child sex ratio (0-6years)

Ans. Tarn taran

865. Acc.to census 2011,highest growth rate of population has been recorded in

Ans. Mohali, Patiala and taran tarn

866. Punjab Literacy has risen to——- as against 74% in census 2001


867. Female literacy in Punjab has moved up by7.9% and male literacy has increased


Ans. 6.30%

868. Population density of Punjab at 550 persons per sq km makes it ——-most

congested state in country

Ans. 13th

869. District of Punjab which has the highest literacy rate?

Ans. Hoshiarpur (84.6%)

870. District of Punjab which has the lowest literacy rate?

Ans. Mansa

871. District with least sex ratio

Ans. Bathinda

872. District known as area of white gold

Ans. Mansa

873. The position of Punjab in terms of vehicle per thousand of population

Ans.1st rank

874. Infrastructure rating by the planning commission for monitoring Indian

economy of Punjab is

Ans. 191.4 against the national average of 100

875. There are—-inhabited villages and ———towns in total as per census 2011

Ans. 12581 and 143 resp.

876. Which state has the largest proportion of SC population among all the states and

union territories

Ans. Punjab

877. The economic growth of Punjab during the 11th five year plain(2007-12)is

Ans. 6.74(target was 5.90%)

878. The life expectancy in Punjab is—–

Ans.69.4 years

879. According to census 2011, sex ratio in Punjab was

Ans. 893 women against 1000

880. According to census 2011, what was child sex ratio (0-6 years)

Ans. 846:1000

881. According to census 2011,Punjab’s population density is

Ans. 550 persons per sq km

882. What is the literacy rate in Punjab according to census 2011


883. Which city has got the highest per capita vehicles?

Ans. Ludhiana

884. According to NSSO the debts in Punjab have been estimated to be——

Ans. 35,000 Crore (3rd highest in the country)

885. First systematic census was conducted all over India in


886. First census of independent India was conducted in?

Ans. 1951

887. As per recommendations of 14th finance commission Punjab’s share in central

taxes was increased from 1.389%to——-


888. Population under poverty line (acc. To exper)

Ans. Total 11.3%, Rural : 7.4%

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