Punjab Static GK One Liner Part -3 | Most Important Questions frequently asked in Punjab Govt Exams

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The most important static Gk of Punjab. Part-3


431. Area is between rivers Beas and Satluj is called

Ans- Bist Doab

432. Singh Sagar Doab is an area between which two rivers?

Ans- Indus and Jhelum

433. Doaba is Region between rivers

Ans- Beas and Satluj

434. Main cities in Doab region are

Ans- Jalandhar, Hoshiapur, Nawashahar., Kapurthala

435. Malwa is region to south of Satluj and important districts in this region are

Ans- Ludhiana, Patiala, Sangur, Bathinda and Mohali

436. Majha region contains important districts of

Ans- Amritsar, Pathankot, Gurdaspur, and Tarn tarn

437. The modern districts Amritsar, Pathankot, Gurdaspur & Tarn Taran comes under

Ans- Majha region

438. Between which two rivers lies plain of Majha?

Ans- Ravi and Beas

439. Rachna Doab is area between river

Ans- Chenab and Ravi

440. What is the name of Doab between rivers Jhelum and Chenab?

Ans- Chajh Doab



441. Maharaja Ranjit Singh museum is in__________

Ans- Amritsar (It is the summer place of Maharaja Ranjit Singh that has been Transformed into a Museum)

442. Where is Guru The Bahadur museum?

Ans- Anandpur Sahib

443. Name the museum is Punjab which is known for its collection of antiques from
Punjab’s ancient civilizations

Ans- Sanghol museum viilagbe sanghol dist. Fatehgarh sahib

444. The museum of armoury and chandeliers is in_________

Ans- Qila Mubarak, Patiala

445. The sports museum of national institutes of sports is in__________

Ans- Patiala



446. What is the shape of map of the Punjab States?

Ans- Triangular

447. Punjab touches the border of how many India states?

Ans- 4

448. Area wise Punjab is 50362km whereas population is (as per census 2011)

Ans- 2.77cr

449. The State animal of Punjab is Blackbuck (Kala Hiran ) whereas the state tree is

Ans- Shisham (Tahli)

450. District of Punjab having maximum Population

Ans- Ludhiana

451. Smallest District of Punjab is________

Ans- Fatehgarh Sahib

452. Which district of Punjab has been renamed as Shaheed Bhagat Singh nagar?

Ans- Nawashahar

453. Newest Districts of Punjab are

Ans- Fazilkha and Pathankot

454. The least population districts of Punjab is Barnala (5.95 lacks) whereas the Most

Populous Districts is

Ans- Ludhiana 34.99lacs

455. The smallest districts is Fatehgarh Sahib whereas the largest is

Ans- Ferozepur

456. How many total Tehsils, Sub tehsils & Districts are there in Punjab?

Ans- 81,86 & 22 respectively

457. Districts of Punjab which has maximum Population

Ans- Ludhiana

458. Which state has highest proportion of SC POPULATION?

Ans- Punjab

459. Second largest Town of Punjab is

Ans- Amritsar

460. The north most city of Punjab state is

Ans- Amritsar

461. Jalandhar falls in which region?

Ans- Doaba

462. Phillaur is a town un Punjab , situated on bank of river_______

Ans- Satluj


463. Approximately what % age of food grain in India is produced by Punjab

Ans- 11.8%

464. Largest grown crop in Punjab is________

Ans- Wheat

465. In which month sugarcane is sown In Punjab?

Ans- March- april

466. What percentage of Punjab’s total area under cultivation is irrigated areas?

Ans- 97%

467. Ferozepur is having the highest procurement of cotton whereas Ludhiana is having

the maximum yield of_________

Ans- Maize

468. District known as area of white gold

Ans- Mansa

469. The maximum yield of paddy is produced from Sangrur whereas the maximum

yield of wheat is from

Ans- Fatehgarh Sahib

470. What percentage of population depends on Agriculture in Punjab

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Ans- 80 %

471. Which town is known as the ”California of Punjab ” for the production of kinnow?

Ans- Abohar

472. Which is the commercial crop of Punjab?

Ans- Cotton

473. In which district of Punjab maximum Cattle are found?

Ans- Ropar

474. Rabi or Spring Harvest of Punjab includes

Ans- Wheat, Garm, Barley Potatoes etc

475. Kharif or Autumn harvest of Punjab consists of

Ans- Rice, Maize, Sugarcane, Cottan and Pulses

476. City of Punjab which is an important centre for Dry Fruits Distribution in India

Ans- Amritsar

477. Punjab states ranks third in availability of Milk after

Ans- Haryana and Gujrat

478. The total cultivable land in the state of Punjab is_______

Ans- 41.83 Lakh Ha. (83% of total geographical area)

479. ________ percent irrigation is done with tube wells in the state of Punjab and

_______ is done with canals

Ans- 72.5%, 27.5

480. Consumption of chemical fertilizer in year 2013-14

Ans- 217kgs per hectare

481. The contribution of the state of Punjab to the national food grain Kitty is

Ans- Punjab with 1.53percent geographical area contributes about 43.40 % wheat and
25.50% rice to the central food grain kitty

482. The first hybrid grain pearl millet in the world was produced by

Ans- PAU plants breeders

483. The contribution of the State o Punjab to the National Food Grain Kitty before the

commencement of the P.A.U., Ludhiana

Ans- 4 % in 1960-61

484. Punjab land records society was formed by Punjab govt to

Ans- Provide efficient land related services

485. In recent, years Cotton crop in Punjab has been affected by

Ans- White fly




486. When was green revolution first introduced to India and by whom?

Ans- In 1963 by American agronomist Norman Borlug

487. Who is known as the father of green revolution?

Ans- Norman Borlaug

488. The father of The green revolution in Punjab is

Ans- Dr M.S Randhawa

489. Name the variety of rice which was termed as the miracle rice

Ans- IR8 (First HYV of rice)

490. IR8 was created through a cross between which to breeds?

Ans- Indonesia variety ”peta and Chiense variety ” dee-geo- woo-gen”

491. In order to control the dropping water table the paddy transplantation before June 10 has been banned under which act?

Ans- Punjab preservation of Sub Soil act, 2009

492. When and where was the progressive Punjab agriculture summit organized?

Ans- In feb 2014 in Mohali

493. Norman Borlaug was given nobal prize in _

Ans- 1970

494. Where has the Kheti Bhawan been set up?

Ans- In Mohali Punjab

495. Union govt has announced to set up post graduate institute of horticulture and

education at?

Ans- Amritsar

496. Expand PAFC

Ans- Punjab Agro Food grain Corporation

497. How many citrus estates have been set up in Punjab to promote horticulture?

Ans- Five

498. Countries, who have asked for Indian technology and Expertise, especially from

Punjab to bring in green revolution in their territories ?

Ans- Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ethopia

499. The position of the State of Punjab in term of the consumption of fertilizers by the

farmers of Punjab?

Ans- 6th position (1st 2nd and 3rd are Gujrat, Maharashtra and Ahhdra Pardesh Resp.)

500. The important cotton producing districts in Punjab are

Ans- Ferozepur, Faridkot, Muktsar, Bathinda, Sangrur, Ludhiana

501. The position of Punjab in terms of the availability of eggs in India

Ans- 1st rank

502. The position of Punjab in terms of per capita availability of Milk?

Ans- 1st rank

503. Daily per capita milk availability in Punjab has gone up to —— in 2012-13

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Ans- 961gm

504. The position of Punjab in terms of fish productivity per unit area

Ans- 1st rank

505. The area of Punjab is _________

Ans- 50362 sq.kms

506. Krishi Karman award 2014 was given to Punjab and UP for _______

Ans- Highest Food Grain productive

507. The position of Punjab in tems of total tractors sold in India?

Ans- 1st rank

508. What % of irrigation is done by canals in Punjab?

Ans- 40%

509. Punjab irrigation department was set up in year

Ans- 1849

510. The point project for the computerization of land record was first started in the

district of

Ans- Ropar

511. The Cotton Belt of Punjab is located in which physiographic region of Punjab

Ans- Malwa

512. Per Capita availability of eggs is highest in Indian in _______

Ans- Punjab

513. In Punjab Kisan mela is organized every year by_______

Ans- Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana

514. What was operation Flood?

Ans- Launched in Year 1970 to increase the availability of Milk

515. Which state recorded the highest per capita availability of milk under operation


Ans- Punjab

516. It was a project of ___________

Ans- National dairy development of borad

517. The total cultivable land in state of Punjab is?

Ans- 41.83 lakh Ha (83% of total geographical area)

518. The number of tube wells in operation in the state of Punjab?

Ans- 13.82 Lakhs( approx)

519. Name a law enacted in Punjab for the preservation of soil?

Ans- Punjab Preservation of Sub-soil Act 2009

520. The Govt. of India in collaboration with _______ has set up an experimental site

for wheat and maize in Ludhiana to improve productivity level?

Ans. BISA(Borlaug institute for South asia)

521. When and where was “progressive Punjab” agricultural summit organized in


Ans- In feb 2014 at SAS Nagar

522. Central govt. has announced to set up Post graduate institute of Horticulture and

education in _______

Ans- Amritsar

523. The govt of Punjab has proposed to set up Multi product mega food park in 200

acres at __________

Ans- Ladowal

524. Centre of excellence for potato has been set up at _______under Indo Dutch

Agreement to modernize cold stores

Ans- Dhogri, jalandhar

525. Kinnow comprises _______ of Punjab’s total fruit production

Ans- 50%

526. Citrus estate has been established at

Ans- Abohar, Fazilka, Thaliwala, Firozpur, Hoshiarpur, distt, lambi in Mukstar dist.

527. Grapes estate has been established at

Ans- Maur Mandi

528. Lichi estate has been established at____

Ans- Saran, Gurdaspur



529. Jateshwar Mahadev Temple is in Ropar whereas Moorish Mosque is in________

Ans- Kapurthala

530. Qila Mubark is in Bhatinda whereas Lodhi fort in

Ans- Ludhiana

531. Shaheed- E- Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Musemum is in _________

Ans- Jalandhar

532. The Aam Khas Baag in Punjab is situated at

Ans- Sirhind

533. Sikh Heritage Complex (Virasat-e- Khalsa) is developed at

Ans- Anandpur Sahib

534. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is in

Ans- Amritisar

535. Sherawala Gate and Sunami Gate are found in city

Ans- Patiala

536. Moti Bagh and Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) are in which city?

Ans- Patiala

537. Lohgarh fort is located in which city?

Ans- Amritsar

538. What is the other name of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur war memorial?

Ans- Fateh Burj

539. Central sikh museum is in

Ans- Amritsar

540. Jama Masjid Khairuddin is in_____

Ans- Amritsar

541. Shalimar garden of Kapurthla has been designed by_______, who has also

designed the city of new Delhi

Ans- Sir Edward lutines

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542. Mubarak mosque is situated at?

Ans- Quadian



543. In which district Punjabi University is situated?

Ans- Patiala

544. Guru Ravidas ayurved university

Ans- Hoshiarpur

545. Rajiv Gandhi national uni. of law

Ans- Patiala

546. Where is Punjab Agriculture University?

Ans- Ludhiana

547. Where is Police Training Academy situated in Punjab

Ans- Phillaur

548. in 1895, the first school of medicine Asia named Christian Medical College was

established at _________

Ans- Ludhiana

549. Where is Guru Nanak Dev University?

Ans- Amritsar

550. Guru Angad Dev University veterinary and Animal Science University is situated


Ans- Ludhiana

551. Guru Nanak Dev Engineering Collage is located in

Ans- Ludhiana

552. What were the total number of seats for which SGPC elections were held

Ans- 170

553. Where is Science City in Punjab?

Ans- Jalandhar

554. The foundation stone of IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and

Research Mohali was laid on)

Ans- 27th Sep 2006by then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh

555. The India institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali was

established in year

Ans- 2007

556. The first Director Prof. N Sathyamurthy of IISER, Mohali Sjoined on

Ans- 18 June 2007



557. College of Agriculture at Ludhiana was converted into Punjab Agriculture

University in

Ans- 1962

558. The P.A.U. Ludhiana was established in

Ans- Oct, 1962

559. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehur, the first Prime Minister of India formally inaugurated

P.A.U Ludhiana

Ans- 8 July 1963

560. The Chief Minister of Punjab at the time of commencement of the P.A.U,

Ludhiana was

Ans- S. Partap Singh Kairon

561. On trifurcation of Punjab in November 1966, Haryana Agriculture University was

carved out of PAU by an Act of Parliament in

Ans- Feb 1970

562. Location and Area of Punjab Agriculture University is

Ans- Punjab Agriculture University(PAU) is located in Ludhiana city (Punjab State) in
north-west India, Situated on the Ludhiana- Ferozepur road, the university covers are area of 580 hectares on its main campus and 2000 hectares as the Off campus for research .

563. P.A.U is modeled on the pattern of land grant colleges in

Ans- USA

564. The Punjab Agriculture University now has four constituent colleges, viz.

Ans- College of Agriculture, College of Agricultural Engineering, College of Home science
and College of Basic Sciences & Humanities

565. The college of Veterinary Science under PAU was upgrade as——- in the years


Ans- Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Science University

566. The University has a total of how many seed farms

Ans- 5 five

567. The current Vice- Chancellor of the P.A.U Ludhiana

Ans- Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon

568. The first Vice-Chancellor of the P.A.U, Ludhiana

Ans- Shri P.N Thapar

569. Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports is in

Ans- Patiala

570. World class ‘Olympic Bhawan’ has been setup in_____

Ans- Mohali

571. Govt of Punjab has estd. Punjab institute of sports at

Ans- SAS Nagar, Mohali

572. Central University of Punjab (CUP) is located in

Ans- Bhatinda



573. What is the number of National highways in Punjab?

Ans- 11

574. Grand trunk Road was built by________

Ans- Sher Shah Suri

575. Name the city connected by NH- 1

Ans- Amritsar to Delhi

576. Among all national highways, what is the serial number given to Grand Trunk


Ans- National Highway No.1

577. Cities on Grand Trunk Road are

Ans- Delhi Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Panipat and

578. Grand Trunk Road stretches from__________

Ans- Sonargaon in Bangladesh to Peshawar in Pakistan

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