Punjab Static GK One Liner Part -2 | Most Important Questions frequently asked in Punjab Govt Exams

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The most important static Gk of Punjab. Static GK one liner is the important part of general knowledge of Punjab for the state govt jobs in Punjab.


224. In which year was Swadeshi-Boycott movement was launched?

Ans- 1905

225. What was the time period of Non Cooperation Movement?

Ans- 1920-22

226. Civil Disobedience Movement was launched in the year?

Ans- 1930

227. When was Quit India Movement started?

Ans- 8th Aug, 1942


228. The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crime Act (1919) was popularly known as the

Ans- Rowlett Act

229. Which act was referred as the “black act”

Ans- Rowlett Act

230. Rowlett Act was named after_______

Ans- Sir Sydney A T Rowlett

231. A T Jallianwala bagh people came to protest against the arrest of leaders like

Ans- Saifuddin Kitchloo and Satyapal

232. There was agitation against the arrest of Dr. Kitchlu and Dr. Satyapal. They were

Arrested by British according to which act

Ans- Rowlatt Act 18th march 1919

233. Rowlatt act authorizes the British govt to

Ans- Arreast and imprison any person without trial in a court of law

234. Gandhi ji started Satyagraha Movement in 1919 in protest against the?

Ans- Enactment of Rowlatt act

235. Rowlett act was Rowlett act

Ans- Defence of India act 1915, enforced to limit civil liberties

236. What was the Rowlett act

Ans- Gave enorm ous power to the police to search a place n arrest any person they Disapproved of without warrant

237. Rowlett act was recommended by

Ans- Seddition committee chaired by Sidney Rowlett

238. Amrita bazaar patrika called this black act

Ans- Gigantic blunder

239. When resigned from central law committee against rowlatt act

Ans- Moh. Ali Jinnah, madanmohan malviya, mazur ul haque n many more

240. In protests Gandhi wrote in young india

Ans- This satanic govt. Cant be mended, it must be ended


241. Thousand of people gathered in the jallianwala bagh of Amritsar to celebrate

Ans- Festival of Baisakhi

242. Who came to the place with fifty and without any warning ordered them to shoot At the crowd.

Ans- Brigadier General Reginaid E.H. Dyer

243. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Ans- Lord Chelmsford

244. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Ans- 13 April,1919

245. The ineffective inquiry and the initial accolades for Dyer by the House of Lord led to

Ans- Non-cooperation Movement of 1920-22

246. A memorial was built on the site designed by

Ans- Benjamin Polk and inaugurated by President of India Rajendra Prasad on 13 April 1961

247. What were the major impacts of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

Ans- On may 30, 1919 Rabindranath Tagor renounced his knighthood. Gandhi returned the Kaiser-i-hind gold medel given to him for his work during Boer war. Dyer was removed from the job and sent to London, but he was never charged of any offence

248. Who killed General Dyer on March 13, 1940 when he was addressing a meeting in Caxton hall, London?

Ans- Sardar Udham Singh

249. Name the commission was appointed to enquire into it _______

Ans- Hunter commission (headed by lord hunter)


250. What was the aim of gurdwara reform movement?

Ans- Libreation of gurdwaras from the control of mahants or priests who had acquired Property rights over gurdwaras

251. On 15 nov. 1920, Akalis formed a committee of 175 members and designated it as

_________ and declared so from Akal Takht.

Ans- Sikh Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee, for management of all gurdwaras

252. Who was elected as resident, VP and Secretary?

Ans- Sundar Singh Makithia, harbans singh Attari and Bhai Jodh Singh respectively

253. When and where was the first session of Sikh league, a political body of Sikhs Held?

Ans- In Amritsar in 1919

254. Where was Akali in newspaper published from?

Ans- Lahore

255. Gurdwara Movement was also known as

Ans- Akali Movement

256. What was Nankana Sahib Massacre?

Ans- A group pf Sikhs was subjected to murderous assault at Nankana Saheb by Mahant Narain Das on Feb. 20,1921


257. What was jaito morcha?

Ans- Akali campaign launched in 1923for the restoration to his throne to maharaja Ripudaman Singh of Nabha

258. ‘Nabha day’ was observed on

Ans- 9 sep, 1923

259. What was the issue related to princely statae of Nabha?

Ans- Maharaja of Nabha Ripudaman Singh was forced to abdicate his throne in favour Of his minor son Pratap Singh


260. The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee was found on_____

Ans- Nov 15, 1920

261. When was SGPC formed on 15 nov. 1920 declared as unlawful?

Ans- On October 12, 1923

262. When was Sikh Gurdwara Act passed?

Ans- Sikh Gurdwara Act was passed by provincial legislative assembly on 9 july 1925

263. When was Sikh Gurdwara Act 1925 implemented?

Ans- From November 1, 1925

264. What did this act constitute?

Ans- Under this act a board renamed as Gurdwara Prabhandak committee was created for administration of Gurdwara

265. Name the act through which Mahants were removed from Gurdwaras were to be

Managed through SGPC?

Ans- Sikh Gurdwara act, 1925

266. What is the tenure of SGPC?

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Ans- 5 yearsor until the composition of new committee

267. SGPC elections were first held in

Ans- 1926

268. Who was the first president of SGPC?

Ans- Baba Kharak Singh

269. First Secretary of SGPC was?

Ans- Master Tara Singh

270. Election for SGPC was held in state on

Ans- Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Chandigarh

271. Who enjoyed the longest tenure as president of SGPC?

Ans- Gurcharan Singh Tohra

272. SGPC elections are held under which act?

Ans- Sikh Gurdwara act 1925

273. Who convenes the first meeting of newly elected SGPC members?

Ans- DC of Amritsar

274. Who is the first non sikh DC of Amritsar to convene the first meeting of newly

Elected SGPC members?

Ans- Rajat Aggarwal


275. What was the most important cause for the outbreak the Ghadar revolution?

Ans- Kamagata Maru Incident (took place in 1914)

276. Name the weekly paper which was started by Lala Hardyal in 1907

Ans- Ghadar

277. Gadar activist hire a Japanese Ship called

Ans- Kamagata maru

278. The initial name of Gadar Party was Pacific coast Hindustan Association &its 1st

President was __________

Ans- Sohan Singh Bakhna

279. The Defence of India Act was passed in March 1915 due to ____

Ans- Kamagata Maru Incident

280. Ghadar Newspaper (Hindustan Ghadar) was published under the auspices of

Yugantar Ashram and its Head Quarters was at __________

Ans- San Francisco

281. The Kamagata Maru ship was tok emigrate?

Ans- Canada

282. The ship Kamagata Maru sailed from?

Ans- Hong Kong

283. Which literature was disseminated on the board of the KGM (Kamagata Maru) Ship?

Ans- Ghadarite Literature

284. Budge Budge riot is related to

Ans- KGM incident

285. KGM incident is related to which laws of Canada

Ans- Immigration laws

286. Barakhtulla, Tarak Nath Dass and Sohan Singh were the leaders of

Ans- Ghadar Revolution

287. In 2014, Govt of India released 2 coins of Rs 5and Rs 100 to commemorate the

Ans- KGM incident

288. Justin Tordeau has offered full apology in the House of Common in May 2016 for

Ans- KGM incident

289. Lions of the Sea is a novel based on KGM incident. It is penned by______

Ans- Jessi Thind

290. Who urged the ring leader of the KGM incident Gurdit Singh Sandhu to give Himself up as True patriot and later he was imprisoned?

Ans- Mahatma Gandhi urged Gurdit Singh Sandhu

291. Who said these words:”The visions of men are widened by travel and contacts with Citizens of a free country will infuse a spirit of impendence and foster yearnings for Freedom in the minds of the emasculated subjects of alien rule.”

Ans- Gurdit Singh Sandhu

292. This Ship belongs to the whole in India, this is a symbol of the honour of India and If this was detained, There would be mutiny in the arimies”. These words are associated


Ans- KGM incident

293. A memorial was built in 1952near Budge Budge to commemorate KGM incident. WhoWho inaugurated this?

Ans- Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru


294. The “Singh Sabha” Movement was started at ___ in _______

Ans- Amritsar in 1873

295. What was the aim of this Movement?

Ans- To defend the sikh faith against any kind of onsalaught

296. When and where was an association named “Sri Guru Singh Sabha” was formed?

Ans- In Amritsar on 30 July 1873

297. The First chairman of “Sri Guru Singh Sabha”was ___

Ans- Thakur Singh Ahluwalia

298. What was Singh Sabha Movement ?

Ans- A step to remove the caste barriers in Sikhs and to stop Conversion of Skils

299. Who formed Singh Sabha Lahore?

Ans- Professor Gurmukh Singh

300. What was Khalsa Diwan?

Ans- Singh sabha Amritsar was renamed as khalsa diwan in 1880

301. What was Anjuman-e Punjab?

Ans- It was founded in 1865 for translation of important English books into Punjabi

302. Who established the Khalsa Tract Society Amritsar?

Ans- Bhai Kaur Singh and Bhai Vir Singh for the purpose of issuing monthly tracts on sikh Religion

303. Achievements of Singh Sabha Movement?

Ans- Passage of Anand Marriage act 1909, foundation of sikh educational society 1908 Etc.


304. What was Babbar akali movement?

Ans- A step to remove the caste barriers in Sikhs and to stop conversion of skils

305. Who were the leaders of this movement?

Ans- Master Mota Singh and Kishan singh Gargajj

306. What was Chakarvati jatha?

Ans- It was a secret organization formed by Kishan Singh to incite the peasants and Soldiers against britishers

307. How did babbar akalis work?

Ans- They targeted british officials and their informers and carried and British activies Secretly


308. Sewa Singh Thikriwala was associated with which movement in Punjab?

Ans- Praja Mandal Movement

309. What was Punjab Ryasati Praja Mandal?

Ans- An organization that worked for securing political rights and liberty of people of Princely states

310. When and where was it formed?

Ans- It was formed in 1928 and declaration was made in Mansa of Patiala princely state

311. Who was the president of Punjab Ryasati Praja mandal?

Ans- Sewa Singh Thikriwala

312. Indus Water Treaty was signed in 1960 between

Ans- India and pakistan

313. Indus Water Treaty restricted India’s right on only three rivers and theses are

Ans- Satluj, Ravi and Beas

314. Rivers meant for usage of Pakistan under Indus Water Treaty were

Ans- Indus, Chenab and Jhelum

315. Who along with Bhim Sen Sachar was the architect of Giani-Sachar formula?

Ans- Giani Kartar Singh

316. The first President of the Central Sikh League, a political organization floated by The Sikh in March 1919 in Lahore

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Ans- Gajjan Singh

317. Who was the main leader of Dharam Yudh Morcha Movement in Punjab?

Ans- Harcharan Singh Longowal


318. First Lady President of Congress was

Ans- Annie Besant (1917)

319. First Indian Lady President of Congress was

Ans- Saroijini Naidu (1928)


320. When and where was Bhagat Singh born?

Ans- 27 sep 1907 at Banga, Lyalpur, Pakistan

321. Who were the founders of HRA (Hindustan republic association)?

Ans- Ramprasad Bismil, Jogesh Chattergee and Sachindanath Sanyal

322. Who formed Kirti Party?

Ans- Sohan Singh josh and Santokh Singh, Bhagat singh joined it later

323. Who was Punjab Naujwan Sabha formed?

Ans- In march 1926, Bhagat Singh was its Secretary

324. When was HRA recognized to form HSRA (Hindustan socialist republic Organization)?

Ans- In Sepember 1928

325. Bhagat Singh was executed on______

Ans- 23 March 1931

326. Which freedom fighter is known for writing “Why I am a Atheist”?

Ans- Bhagat Singh

327. The slogan ‘Inqilab Zindabad’ was given by________________

Ans- Bhagat Singh

328. The song ‘Pagri Sambhal jatta’ was composed by_______________

Ans- Bankey Dayal

329. Name the revolutionaries who threw bombs in central legislative assembly in April 1929?

Ans- Bhagat Singh and Bk Dutt

330. When and where was shaheed Sukhdev thapar born?

Ans- 15 may 1907 at nau ghara, Ludhiana

331. When did Bhagat Singh and jailmates launch hunger strike in jail?

Ans- June 1929

332. When and where was shaheed Rajguru born?

Ans- 24 aug 1908 at khed near pune, Maharashtra he was a member of HSRA

333. When and where was Shaheed Udham Singh born and what was his childhood Name?

Ans- 26 dec 1899, Sunam. His childhood name was Sher Singh

334. When and How did he avenge the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

Ans- On 13 March 1940, assassinated Michael O ‘Dwyer In Caxton Hall, Londan

335. Name the freedom fighter who was one of the founder leaders of Bharat Naujwan Sabha and also one of the founder member of jamia milia islamia university

Ans- Dr. Saifuddin Kichlew

336. Kartar singh sarabha was sentence to death in 1915 for his role in

Ans- Gadar conspiracy


337. Slogan ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Give me Blood, I ‘ll give you freedom ‘ were given by

Ans- Subash Chandra Bose

338. Who conceived the idea of Indian National Army?

Ans- Mohan Singh in Mallaya

339. The all women regiment of INA was named after____________

Ans- Rani Lakhmi Bai of Jhansi, name of the regiment was Rani Jhansi regiment

340. When did Subhash Chandra Bose join INA?

Ans- 1943

341. When did Bose set up a provisional Indian Government?

Ans- In October 1943, It was headquartered in Rangoon and Sinapore

342. British held trials for the high officials of Indian National Army at Red Fort.

Name those high officials

Ans- Gubraksh Singh, Sahnivaj khan and Prem Kumar Saigal


343. Muslim League was formed in 1906 by

Ans- Khwaja Salimmullah, Syed Ahmed khan, Agha khan & Nawab Viquar Ul Mulk

344. Muslim League observed Direct Action day on

Ans- Aug16 1946

345. Muslim League announced ‘Pakistan Day’ on

Ans- March 23, 1943


346. Who was the Chairman of Punjab boundary commission 1947?

Ans- Sir Cyrill Radcliffe

347. Name the other members of the commission.

Ans- Justice Din Mohammad, justice Mohammad Munir, Justice Mehar Chand mahaajan and justice Teja singh

348. What was the Aim of Punjab Boundary commission 1947?

Ans- To demarcate the boundaries of the two parts of punjab

349. On division of Punjab (East Punjab & West Punjab), how much area went to West Punjab (now in Pakistan)

Ans- 70%


350. First Battle of Panipat was fought in

Ans- 1526

351. Mohhamad bin Qasim , the first Muslim invader to come to India, entered Sindh

From which pass

Ans- Khyber Pass

352. At which place, Akbar, the great was coronated.

Ans- Kalanuar

353. Battle of Panipat was fought in the year

Ans- 1556

354. Third battle of Panipat 1761 was fought was between

Ans- Ahamad Shah Abdali and Marathas

355. “Battle of Ten Kings” was fought for sharing of water of river

Ans- Ravi

356. Third Battle of Panipat was fought in

Ans- 1761

357. Name the city founded by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq?

Ans- Firozpur

358. Name the road earlier as Uttarapath or Shah-rah-e-azam?

Ans- Grant Trunk Road

359. Battle of Firozshah(1845) was fought between

Ans- English And Sikhs

360. Name the first empress of India who was imprisoned at Fort in Bhatinda

Ans- Razia Sultan

361. First Battle of Terrain was fought in year 1191 between

Ans- Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammed Ghori

362. Second Battle of Terrain was fought in year

Ans- 1192

363. The sword of Hazrat Ali is kept at

Ans- Anandpur Sahib

364. 800 year old the “Payal Fort” in Ludhiana was built by

Ans- Maharaja Amar Sahib

365. Who founded ferozpur

Ans- Firoz shah tughlaq

366. Mughal prince who sought the blessing of guru har rai ji

Ans- Dara shikho (aurangzeb’s brother)

367. During pre mohammadean period Bathinda was known as

Ans- Vikramgarh


368. Malwa and Doaba regions are seprated by the river.

Ans- Sutlej (in North Doaba and in South Malwa)

369. Presently, how many perennial rivers flow in Punjab?

Ans- 3 (Sutluj, Ravi & Beas )

370. Which river is known as the Backbone of Punjab?

Ans- Satluj

371. At which place, Beas and Satluj merge into one river retaining the name Satluj?

Ans- Harike near Ferozpur

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372. River Indus originates from

Ans- Kailash Range

372. Gomal Pass in Himalayas was mainly used for

Ans- Trade Purpose

374. Where does satluj originates from?

Ans- Rakes lake, near Mansarovar, in Tibet

375. Satluj enters Punjab plain near…….

Ans- Nangal in Ropar district

376. Ravi enters from……..

Ans- West of rohtang pass in kullu hills of himachal pradesh

377. Ravi enters Punjab at……….

Ans- Chaundh village on chamba border

378. Which river feeds the canal system of Bhakra nangal project?

Ans- Satluj

379. Name some towns situated on the banks of rivers satluj in Punjab?

Ans- `Phillaur, Ropar, Harike, Ferozpur

380. River beas originates from

Ans- Beas kund in kullu hills near rohtang pass

381. Beas enters Punjab thought…………..

Ans- Talwara in Hoshiarpur district

382. Name the hydro electricity project constructed on river Ravi

Ans- Shahpur Kandi project, downstream the thein dam.

383. What kind of river is Ghaggar?

Ans- Seasonal river that flows during monsoons.

384. Ghaggar originates at_________

Ans- Sarahah area of sirmaur dist in Himacahl.

385. In Punjab Ghaggar flows through_________

Ans- Patiala, Sangrur and Mansa Dist.

386. In its course after Punjab (in Rajastan), Ghaggar is knowns as______

Ans- Hakra

387. What is length of Bhakra Canal?

Ans- 1049km

388. From Which river, Sirhind Canal takes off?

Ans- Satluj

389. Hansi Butana Canal is issue of dispute between

Ans- Haryana and Pumjab


390. Wetlands in Punjab declared as Ramsar sites

Ans- Harike, Kanji, ropar

391. National Wetlands in Punjab…….

Ans- Ranjit sagar wetland and nangal

392. How many Wetlands does Punjab have?

Ans- 12 natural and 9 manmade wetland.

393. Which is the largest Wetland in North India?

Ans- Harike Pattan

394. Name the Wetland which has been designated as Wetland of National importance

Ans- Kanjali wetland in Kapurthala dist

395. Which lake has been recognized internationally by the ramsar convention 2002 and listed in Wetlands of international importance

Ans- Kanjali lake


396. Conservation reserve in Punjab

Ans- Rakh Sarai Amanat Khan Conservation Reaserve

397. Community reserve in Punjab

Ans- 2, Keshopur-Chhamba Reserve In Gurdaspur And Lalwan Reserve In Hoshiarpur

398. Name some wildlife sactuaries in Punjab

Ans- Harike Pattan WLS, Bir Motibagh WLs in Patiala Nangal WLS etc.

399. Which Wildlife sanctuary is famous for black buck?

Ans- Abhor sactuary

400. What is the other name of famous Chhat bir zoo near zirkpur?

Ans- Mahendra chaudhary zoological Park. It is famous for lion safari

401. The Ludhiana zoo is famous for _____

Ans- Tiger safari

402. Mini zoo in neelon, Ludhiana is famous for_______

Ans- Deer park

403. Animal adoption scheme has been initiated in Punjab in ______

Ans- All the zoos


404. Areas where floodplain or bet soil is found

Ans- Parts of ropar , fazilka, zira and moga

405. Most productive and fertile soil group of the state

Ans- Loamy soil foumd in nakodar tehsil of jalandhar dist, phagwara tehsila nd central parts of kapurthala dist.

406. Punjab plains lie in __________

Ans- Indo Gangetic drainage system

407. How have the Punjab plains been formed?

Ans- By the deposition of alluviul brought down from himalyas

408. Sandy soil in found in Punjab

Ans- Bathinda, Mansa, Sangrur, some parts of ferozpur and Ludhiana dist.

409. Kandi soil is found in _________

Ans- Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Ropar, Nawanshahar districts

410. Forest soil is found in ________

Ans- Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Ropar, Nawanshahar districts

411. Sierozems soils are found in _____

Ans- The grey colored and organic matter deficit soils are found in Taran Taran and Patti Tehsils, Fatehgarh Sahib, Patiala dist, Nakodar and Phillaur Tehsils etc.

412. Desert soils are found in________

Ans- Abhor and Zira Tehsils, Bathinda, Muktsar, Manda etc.


413. What type of climate does Punjab have?

Ans- Subtropical monsoon type climate

414. What type of monsoonal rainfall does Punjab receive?

Ans- Punjab receives rainfall through the Southwest monsoon. Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal branch meet to give moderate rainfall

415. What does arrival of monsoon indicate in Punjab?

Ans- Marks the start of agriculture year by sowing of Kharif crops

416. How does Punjab receive winter rainfall?

Ans- Temperate cuclones from Mediterranean sea cause winter rainfall(western Disturbances)

417. Winter rainfall is beneficial for?

Ans- Rabi crops.

418. Monsoon is withdrew in Punjab in _______

Ans- Month of September


419. The major dialects of Punjab- “Majhi” is spoken in Amritsar & Gurdaspur Districts whereas “Doabi” is spoken in

Ans- Jalandhar & Hoshiarpur Districts

420. The Punjabi Dialects- “Pwadi” is spoken in Kharar, Ropar & Rajpura whereas “Malwi” is spoken in

Ans- Ludhiana, Bathinda & Malerkotla aras

421. Which Punjabi dialect is used as ‘Taxali’ or standard Punjabi which is used as Official language?

Ans- Majhi

422. Shahpuri dialect is spoken in

Ans- Pakistani Punjab


423. Geographical area of Punjab is

Ans- 50, 362 Sq. kms

424. The Forest Area of Punjab is

Ans- 6.12% of total state area

425. The forest area of Punjab is

Ans- 3055Sq km

426. Reserved forests constitute ________of total forest area.

Ans- 1.43%

427. Protected forests constitute_________ of total forest area.

Ans- 36.87%

428. Unclassed forests constitute_________ of total forest area.

Ans- 61.70

429. Which district in Punjab has Maximum forest cover?

Ans- Hoshiarpur

430. Minimum Forest Cover is Found in District of

Ans- Kapurthala

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